An Introduction

An Introduction to Daily Trimmings and me, Josie Elysia!


Hello readers!

My name is Josie Elysia and it’s lovely to make your acquaintance. Let me introduce myself, because why would you read about me and my life if you don’t know anything about me? I’ll do this in the most painless way I know how….a list! Here goes:

  1. I’m a twenty-something
  2. I’m a mom
  3. I’m a professional student
  4. I’m engaged to be engaged
  5. I’m a cat lady
  6. I’m the Vice-President of the PR Club
  7. I’m of Jamaican and British descent
  8. I love anime
  9. I’m incredibly shy
  10. I own a business called 3 Girls and a Paint Brush
  11. I take dance several times a week
  12. I’m a published academic
  13. I like to wander around town
  14. I love to travel
  15.  I struggle with body image issues
  16. I love to read
  17. I enjoy the performance arts
  18. Photography is a hobby of mine
  19. I am a Game of Thrones Fangirl
  20. I’m a social justice mage

Done! There are 20 things about me that are interesting and make me, well … me. I’ll definitely expand on most, if not all, of these points as time goes on. So consider these 20 attributes fodder for my writing fire! My blog will consist of my daily life with reference to one of the 20 items on my list.  Each topic will be listed in the menu as a ‘page’, to make for an easy browsing experience, and each page will contain articles about the topic!

I hope you enjoy reading!  ❤

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