The Importance of Networking in Public Relations

Networking as a student or new graduate in public relations is so important. It can open doors to opportunities you never thought possible or just give you a richer understanding of the field you want to get into.

Last May, after months of fundraising with St.Clair College’s Public Relations Club, I was able to travel to Toronto and visit National PR, Rock-It Promotions, The Mint Agency and The Canadian Public Relations Society.

The take away messages were these:

– Network, network, NETWORK!

– Be very specific about the job you want and then tell everyone you know about it

– Dare to be different, what makes you weird or quirky can actually be a selling point

– Get an internship and then rock their world
– Pour passion into everything you do

– and finally, remain ethical!

Ps. If anyone has any connections, my dream job is to work in public relations for Sunwing!