Three reasons to watch The Devil is a Part Timer


This week’s show is The Devil is a Part Timer. Even though there is only one season consisting of 13 episodes available on Netflix, it’s the kind of show that is so silly that you can watch it over and over again without succumbing to boredom.  The devil is a part-timer is a light-hearted anime that features bright colorful characters and witty banter.


The story begins with Satan, the demon lord, attempting to conquer the magical realm called Ente Isla.


However, his plans are foiled by the Hero Emilia and he and his right-hand man, are forced to retreat through a gate that transports them to modern day Tokyo. Now having to live in a world without magic, Satan assumes the persona Sadao Maou and begins working at MgRonalds. The Devil is a Part Timer, presents a hilarious view on the most humdrum aspects of everyday life. Here are three reasons you should tune in:


  1. It’s original. Never have I ever seen a show where the devil is a misunderstood good guy who just wants to work his way up the corporate ladder.
  2. It’s funny with a capital F. Even though the show was original written in Japanese the Netflix dub remains hilarious, with many of the jokes poking fun of the shows storyline.
  3. It’s relaxing. This show is great for when you come home stressed out from school and just want to engage in some light-hearted fun.

And there you have it! make sure you read or tune into the Best flicks on Netflix next week for another recommendation.

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