Game of thrones back in 2018?

Game of Thrones back in 2018?


Lately, I have been going through Game of Thrones withdrawal, and with the next season not set to air until 2019 things didn’t seem to be looking up.


I heard about a Games of Thrones Trivia Night that is set to take place April 3rd. Obviously, as soon as I heard, I got my trivia team together and started reviewing the past seasons and books. I am so excited to be participating! If you happen to live in Windsor like me, and know a bunch of stuff about the GoT series, then I’d better see you come out for trivia night!!!


Each team consists of 4 people and it’s $15 per person to play. Sign up by clicking my favorite phrase!

What do we say to the God of death? Not today


P.S. The Stark name has already been reserved by moi for my team. Catch me at the Manchester Tuesday, April 3rd with my team. Hopefully instead of more winter Answers will be coming!

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