Three reasons to watch Planet Earth II


It’s finally that time of the week again, where we are heading into a relaxing weekend! As usual, I’m hosting a segment on the St. Clair MediaPlex 10:00am radio show. You can listen to the show, which airs lives at 10:00 am every morning, by clicking here. Or you can read the transcript below!


Welcome to the Best Flicks on Netflix with your host Josie Richards.

As we get closer to the weekend, I know you all want nothing more than to kick back and relax. And what’s a better way to relax than by lying on the couch and binge-watching Netflix?! That’s where I come in, I’ll be giving you a weekly recommendation on what I think are the Best Flicks on Netflix to watch!

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This week’s show is Planet Earth II. It is an immense nature documentary produced by the BBC, that took just under 6 years to film. That’s right, 6 whole years! Sadly, there are only 6 episodes to watch, but each one has a theme, is 50 minutes long and, in my opinion, is a visual masterpiece!

If you’ve not yet seen the first installment of Planet Earth, don’t worry. Each episode is self-contained, so you don’t need to watch the first season before you watch this one.

So, what’s there to love? Well, everything. Planet Earth II uses some of the latest camera technology, I’m talking about 10s of thousands of dollars’ worth of cameras, to truly bring us into the world of each animal they feature. Most of these animals we would never have the chance to see in real life. The show weaves stories for both prey and predator that play on our emotions and leaves us cheering not for one side or the other but both. Planet Earth II provides a phenomenal viewing experience by showing us a flourishing world of creatures that we as city-dwellers would have never imagined. But if that statement alone is not enough to make you want to watch, here are three more reasons.

  1. The baby animals. Not only are they super cute, but watching them learn to survive in an unforgiving world will bring tears to your eyes.
  2. The incredible camera work. Somehow, they’re able to make you feel like you’re down in the grass with the field mice, soaring with the eagles, and stalking prey with the jaguars.
  3. The Awe Factor. Each episode will leave you breathless and awestruck by the sheer beauty of the natural world.

And there you have it! Tune into the Best flicks on Netflix next week for another recommendation. Thanks for reading. ❤

Are there any shows on Netflix that you think stand out? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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