Three reasons to watch The Last Man on Earth


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This week I decided to switch it up and not recommend an animated show! How strange, right? But, this week’s recommendation is hilarious nonetheless. If you prefer to listen to show, here is the recorded live feed. My segment, The Best Flicks on Netflix starts at 17:30. Or if you prefer to read, be my guest!


Welcome to the Best Flicks on Netflix with your host Josie Richards!

As we get closer to the weekend, I know you all want nothing more than to kick back and relax. And what’s a better way to relax than by lying on the couch and binge watching Netflix?! That’s where I come in, I’ll be giving you a weekly recommendation on what I think are the Best Flicks on Netflix to watch!

Phil Miller, last man on Earth, floating in a Margurita pool.

This week’s show is The Last Man on Earth. I’ve only just started watching, but the constant roll of awkward jokes are what have me hooked. This show is a post-apocalyptic comedy starring Will Forte. With 4 seasons and 59 episodes, that’s a lot of material to feed your bingeing fire. And thankfully this show is still in production so there’s going to be many, many more episodes to come.

Will Forte plays Phil Miller, the main character, and believes himself to be the last man on Earth. He runs into Carol, played by Kristen Schaal, and of course, they jump to the conclusion that their purpose, as the sole survivors of a deadly virus, is to repopulate the world. Guys, this show is hilarious.


Here are three reasons why The Last Man on Earth should be your show of choice this weekend.

  1. The cringe worthy situations. Phil constantly reads sexuality where there is no sexuality to be read, which makes his interactions with other characters both hilarious and cringe worthy.
  2. It has a refreshing take on the apocalypse. With so many shows and movies focussing on the bad aspects of the end of the world, like Hunger Games, or Divergent, or the 100, it’s refreshing to see a show come at life after the end of the world from such a new angle! I mean, how unique?
  3. The impossibleness of it all. Somehow these rag-tag bunch of characters are able to figure out how to continually fuel the trucks they drive, refrigerate the food they eat, and stay clean and well-groomed without running water.

And there you have it! Tune into the Best flicks on Netflix next week for another recommendation. Thanks for reading! ❤

Are there any shows on Netflix you’d like to recommend? Comment, and let me know! I’m always looking for suggestions.

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