Three reasons to watch Bojack Horseman


It’s Friday, Friday, getting down on Friday, ha!

It’s nearly the weekend and as you know St. Clair’s MediaPlex puts on a live radio show every Friday where I have a segment called The Best Flicks on Netflix.

To listen to the broadcast click here. My segment starts at 17:23, with a lovely introduction from Barry. I’ve also provided a copy of the transcript for those of you who would prefer to read. 🙂


Welcome to the second installment of the Best Flicks on Netflix with your host Josie Richards.


As we get closer to the weekend, I know you all want nothing more than to kick back and relax. And what’s a better way to unwind than by lying on the couch and binge watching Netflix?! That’s where I come in, I’ll be giving you a weekly recommendation on what I think are the Best Flicks on Netflix to watch!

bojack hm 2

This week’s show is Bojack Horseman. This animated series is in its 4th season on Netflix and currently consists of 49 episodes. That’s a lot of bingeing material! It’s developed a pretty impressive following due to its dark themes, cynical humour and satirical stance on fame.

The show takes place in an alternate universe version of Hollywood, where humans and humanoid-animals live in harmony with one another. It tells the story of washed up sitcom-star Bojack Horseman and his attempts to get back into the spotlight, first by commissioning a memoir written by ghost writer and friend, Diane Nguyen (Nu-win) and then by producing more shows and movies he himself can star in.

As the show progresses, it deals with many intriguing issues, such as one’s vulnerability in a relationship, fame’s hand-in-hand bond with entitlement, ageing, sexuality and mental illness.

If you’re still up in the air on whether you’re titillated enough to watch, Here are 3 reasons you should check out Bojack Horseman.

  1. The tragic realism. There are no happy endings in this show. The story plays out the way I could only assume is familiar to someone who is dealing with substance abuse issues and not yet ready to face them.
  2. It tackles complex moral issues. Bojack Horseman deals with abortion in a not so scary way, as well as drug abuse, the issues surrounding child fame, what it means to settle in a relationship and many others.
  3. It’s commentary on mental health and human sexuality. The show delves into addiction in a way that’s uncharacteristic of cartoons. It digs deep and attempts to highlight the struggle. It also features an array of sexual attractions, including asexuality!

And there you have it! Tune into the Best flicks on Netflix next week for another recommendation.

Thansk for reading!! ❤

Do you have any shows that are on Netflix that you’d reccommend watching? Let me know!

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