Hosting a Radio Segment


Hi friends! 🙂

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to host a short radio segment on MediaPlex Live at 10:30 and it was a blast!!!

If you haven’t yet listened in here’s the link! CLICK ME

My segment, The Best Flicks on Netflix starts at 13:14. It begins with a lovely introduction from the main show host, Barry Hazelhurst, and then launches into the theme song from Devilman Crybabay, which is the show I recommended for the week! For a copy of the transcript, click here.

I was a bit nervous going on air live, because I’ve never been on the radio before and was worried I would mess up by misreading my script, or by stuttering. Thankfully, everything went well!

So this week I’ll be back at it again. Make sure you tune into MediaPlex Live at 10:30 on Friday to find out the recommendation for this week!!! It will be broadcasted live on Youtube here: St Clair Journalism.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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