Looking for Jobs in the Modern Age


The other day I came across a job posting. It read “summer journalist student wanted for a position at the Windsor Star.” Now I’m not a journalist student by any means but I was intrigued by the position because of the different doors that could be potentially opened.

However, I was hesitant in applying because the posting also asked for something specific. Something that wasn’t exactly in my repertoire of skills, or experiences I’d had. The posting wanted the applicant to provide a portfolio of their work in media using different mediums, namely print, television, radio, and the web.

I have admirable experience in print from my publications in philosophy and our college newspaper. I have experience on the web… I mean I host a blog and I think that counts, right? And I have experience on television with the many MediaPlex Live at 1 segments I’ve hosted. If you want more specifics check out a past article I wrote that speaks to these experiences, Employed? No, I’m a Professional Student. However, I do not have any experience in radio.

I love listening to the radio, especially Dave and Chuck the Freak on 101.1 The Wrif, but I’ve never even thought about what goes into producing a show of that caliber, or how all those on air personalities have that incredibly captivating radio voice.

In the media industry, as with any industry I’m sure, we tend to say it’s not what you know but who you know. Well, I got to talking to a friend of mine, Ryan, about my lack of radio experience and my wish to gain some experience and low and it turns out that he was aware of an opening on the MediaPlex’s radio show for an entertainment segment.

Immediately, I started racking my brain for possible things to talk about that would count as entertainment. Sports? No, I don’t even have cable so I can watch the games. Celebrities? Ugh, with Facebook reporting celebs every action I don’t think it would stand out or be very interesting. And then it came to me. I could talk about something I love and sort-of do already. I’d provide recommendations on shows that individuals should watch on Netflix! I’d call it The Best Flicks on Netflix and every week I’d speak about a different interesting show!

This segment would give me the much needed experience in radio broadcasting so that my application for the summer position would, at the very least meet their requirements and, at most, make me stand out as a candidate.

Finding jobs in today’s market is always difficult both because there just aren’t as many openings as there have been in the past and the market is oversaturated with talented, highly-trained and highly-educated individuals. So when a position does open up, you want to be able to wow the company with a stellar resume that hits all of their requirements.

Applying for the summer journalist position is a job that would put me in an ideal situation because I’d be practicing things that I love such as photography, writing, editing and interactions with the public among other things. However, as a public relations student rather than a journalism student, I’m put at a disadvantage because my portfolio will more than likely be smaller than a typical journalism student’s because of the nature of our education.

While public relations does involve journalistic aspects, the journalism program does more in the way of writing for newspapers, interviewing and radio broadcast. So if I want to have my resume glanced at than I had better hit all the requirements, plus some. And I guess it probably wouldn’t hurt if I tried to get some contacts over at the news outlet who could chip in a good word. Guess I’ve got to get my network on, because even with a stellar resume it’s not all about what you know, but who you know.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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