Top 10 Vacation Destinations for any Wanderlust

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I haven’t traveled as far and wide as I would like, but I still consider myself to be a wanderlust. Here is my top 10 list of vacation destinations I would love to see in the near future that are also a bit off the beaten path.

10. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a hilly city that sits on the Western coast of Portugal. As the capital city, there are a ton of things to do here! You can take the Trama (street trains) around to the various neighborhoods and visit the many historic museums. Or, maybe even go to the palaces in Sintra, and see some of the tiled architecture!


9. Wanaka, New Zealandwanaka 1

Wanaka is a hidden gem of a city! It’s located on New Zealand’s South Island, on the southern end of a lake of the same name. It features an amazing array of natural sights to see. If you can,  visit Mt. Aspiring National park! There are many trails for walking, hiking, and mountain biking as well as many rivers and waterfalls to see. If you’re into more extreme sports there is also canyoning and skydiving nearby. There’s also a lot of things for the kids to do, if you have any ( I do!), such as checking out Puzzling World.


8. Gold Coast, Australia

The Golden Coast isn’t really off the beaten path, so technically it shouldn’t be on this list. But, since I’ve never been and really want to go, I’ve included it anyways! 🙂 The Golden Coast is a huge metropolitan city with some of the best beaches for surfing in the world. It has numerous animal sanctuaries where you can go cuddle koalas or hang with some kangaroos! There are tons of shopping centres and there’s even a cool rainforest walk where you can walk along the treetops.

7. Pucon, Chile

Pucon is a small city in Chile’s lake district. If you’re looking for a destination that is picturesque, then look no further, Pucon has it all! This cozy town features Villarrica, a snow-tipped Volcano, Caburgua Lake, a natural hot spring and Ojos Del Caburgua, a very scenic waterfall.

6. Dakar, Senegal

If you’re descended from the African Diaspora, then Dakar is the destination for you! Dakar is located on the northwestern coast of Africa. Being a port city, it is rich in historical monuments and museums. Gorée, which is located right off the coast of Dakar has the House of Slaves which is a museum that tells the story of the Atlantic Slave Trade. If that’s not really your cup of tea, there’s also Lake Retba located several kilometers northwest. The exotic pink color of the water makes for great photo opportunities!

5. Tenby, Wales

Wales is a unique choice on this list because it doesn’t have especially hot weather, nor is it tropical. However, it’s romantic landscape and fantastical castles draw me in all the same. Tenby has a quaint beach, as well as Pembroke Manor (which is basically a castle). Since the area is so rich with history, there are numerous historical tours that you can take, as well as ghost and vampire tours!

4. Santorini, Greece

Do I even need to explain this one? Picturesque AF, ha! Santorini has some of the most gorgeous waters I have seen… on the internet… because I’ve never been there. If you really must do something other than pose for pictures in Santorini, you could also visit some of its many churches, go sailing, or visit the nearby hot springs.

3. Gozo, Malta

Gozo, also known as the Isle of Calypso, is a small island in Malta. It’s a very rural area that is known for its scenic, rolling hills. It’s associated with the myth of the Odyssey with Gozo being the Island whefe the Goddess Calypso lives. Other than its connection to mythology, Gozo has some pretty scenic architecture such as Gran Castello Historic house and  Ta’Kola Windmill. For swimming enthusiasts, there  are several lagoons and caves to explore.

2.  Curieuse Island, Seychelles

Curieuse Island is the ultimate relaxation destination, so if you don’t like laying on a beach this probably isn’t the place for you. There are many different beaches to visit such as Anse Volbert, Anse Lazio, and Anse Georgette. There are also many opportunities to go on excursions around the island. You can also go boating on the waters and or see whats under the seas by going snorkeling or scuba diving.

1.Bath, Jamaica

Last on our list is Bath. Located on the south-east coast of Jamaica, the waters of Bath are said to have healing properties. According to legend, the waters of Bath were discovered by a man who was suffering from ulcers on his leg. He splashed some of the water on his wounds, and the next day his leg began to rapidly heal. From then on, Bath became a place of healing and the Bath Botanical Gardens were created. The gardens serve as a tranquil environment for all who wish to visit the healing waters.

Are there any places you think should have made the list?  Let me know and thanks for reading. ❤

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