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A couple days ago, I was invitied by my friend Chelsea to check out a new Yoga studio in Windsor called SamYoga. Since I made my New Year’s vow yesterday to try to work out once or twice a week for the rest of my life and I had yet to do anything but sit on my butt, I decided to take her up on the offer. We invited a few more of our lady freinds and off we went to SamYoga!!

We decided to try a ‘beginner bungee fitness class’ because it sounded cool, and I mean who doesn’t want to prance around while burning calories, right?

When we arrived we warmly greeted by Sam, the owner and instructor of SamYoga and we filled out the necessary paperwork before being led through a warm up.

Sara filling out the liability waiver

The warm up was easy to follow and fun! Sam incorporated alot of stretching as well as cardio-esque moves to get our blood pumping in a good way. After about 15 minutes, Sam pulled out the harnesses and we prepared to defy gravity.


I really wish I remembered to get an actual picture of the harnesses but, I forgot! Sorry, I’ll get them next time! The harnesses had two leg holes that strapped around your thighs that connected to a central waist strap. The bungee cords connected to the back of the waist straps. They looked sort of like this picture.


Since this was a beginner class, we had to learn all the moves before actually doing a routine. We learned simple things at first such as bungee squats and bungee planks. Then, things got really intense when we learned how to ‘fly’ and ‘dive. By the end of the class we were able to succesfully do most of the manouevrs and we finished up by doing a routine The Black Eyed Peas Pump It.

The class was quite the workout! I was wearing my Fitbit, as I do everyday, and in that hour I burned 600 calories. Assuming the cool down and warm up took about 20 minutes total, that’s 600 in roughly 40 minutes. That’s a pretty intense workout!

All in all, I loved the experience at SamYoga and I would definiety attend more classes. It was hard at first to trust that the bungee cord would hold me up while I dove hand first at the mats, but once I overcame that small fear it was pretty cool to laugh in the face of gravity!

Thanks for reading. ❤

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