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So what exactly do I mean when I say I am a professional student? Well let’s consult Google. The all knowing Google states “it’s is a slang term commonly used in colleges to describe a student who stays in school for many years rather than embarking on a career.” This is me in a nut shell.

I’ve never not been in school. I did the mandatory elementary school, middle school, and high school. Then rather than trying to find myself and figure out what exactly I wanted to do in life, I continued on to do a four-year honours bachelor program in Psychology with a Thesis and Philosophy.

I wrote a really cool thesis, which I probably should have got published but oh well. Regardless, it was titled What is she Watching and Where? I conducted an exploratory study where I had university age women answer a bunch of questions about their pornographic consumption habits, i.e. what genres of porn they were watching, where were they watching it, and with whom were they viewing the material.


thesis presentation
My thesis findings presented at the annual CPA convention in Ottawa


You might think that would have been enough schooling for one person, but no. I continued on. I did a 2 year Master degree in Philosophy. I enjoyed the conference circuit that I participated in, and a wrote a few papers that were actually published –go me! If you’re interested in reading them here they are:

The Problem of Adopting Subjective Reason in the Values of Higher Education

Zombies They Walk Among Us! Rethinking Consumer Capitalism

Silencing the Voices? The Reactionary Rhetoric of #AllLivesMatter

Accusatory Based Discourse Strategies: Apologia, Kategoria and Strategic Image Repair Discourse

After finishing I considered taking a break at the end of it. But honestly, what is the purpose of my life if there’s no school involved?

So I am back at it again! This time in a 2 year diploma program in Public Relations. Right now I’m only in my first year but I am loving every minute of it! So far I’ve only written one article for the Converged Citizen print publication at the MediaPlex, located below.

Local Percussive Dance Group Makes a Comeback

And I’ve also had a photo I took at Bright Lights Windsor featured in an article!

Bright Lights Photo

I’ve also had the opportunity to anchor the Live at 1 news segment, several times, which is broadcasted on Cogeco, Facebook and the MediaPlex website. Here are the links for these cool segments!

2018 School Year:

February 1st

2017 School Year:

November 2nd

October 26th

October 19th

September 28th


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