Winter Photoshoot turned Snowball Fight

It’s Tuesday. Like any other Tuesday this semester,  us public relations students have our photography class. Luckily, this Tuesday was warmer than usual so I didn’t mind having to take photos outside.

Down to the river, I walked with my friends, I’ll leave them unnamed except for one, Chelsea… check out her blog. Yes, I do shamelessly promote my friends! But now back to the river.

The Canadian snow melted all around us due to the warm front that had blown in the night before. On through the slush we walked until we arrived at the riverside park.

The assignment was pretty simple. Take a series of three photos that have a narrative Each image had to be taken using a different kind of shot range. Here were mine:

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My narrative was simple. My model was going for a winter walk! The first shot is a mid-range shot featuring her holding hands with someone off-screen as she took the lead in the journey. The second shot is a wide-range shot feature her footprints in the snow of which shows where she has gone and where she is going. Finally, the third picture is a close-up shot and features the dark warmth of her shoes contrasted with the pale, frosty snow that lined the ground.

After I got these shots, we did what all adults do in the snow; we had a snowball fight! Or, at least something that sort of resembled a snowball fight. I mean, only two out of the five of us actually had gloves, and four out the five were carrying professional grade cameras. So….. yeah…. a kind-of, sort-of snowball fight. Since we kept trading around our cameras to keep them from breaking I ended up with a bunch of cool pictures on my SD card. Check out our antics:

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There was even an attempt to build a snowman, but unfortunately, the ground was not sprinkled with packing snow.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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