A Great End to my First Semester

Just a little update here. My first semester of college is coming to an end, and what’s a better way to finishing the semester than by earning a publication credit!

A colleague and friend of mine, Alyssa, just wrote a cool article about Christmas tree farms and the impact of artificial trees. Here’s a link to her article: Click me 🙂

So how does an article my friend wrote involve me? Well, yours truly took the photo for the story! How cool is that? My photo’s been published!

Here’s the photo in question:


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Windsor, this is Bright Lights. It’s a cool light 1.5 million dollar installment that the city has put on at Jackson Park for the past couple of weeks. It features a central giant Christmas tree, several huge light-up ornaments, lit tunnels, light reindeer and other cool things.

I’ll be posting a collection of photos shortly of the shoot there with my little muse.

Thanks for stopping by!<3