Ultimate Netflix and Chill Guide to: Adult Cartoons

legend of korraHi readers! I’m going to assume that most of you have already seen or at least heard of most of the shows on this list. If you haven’t, then type them into Netflix and read the descriptions! This list consists only of cartoons that are still actively featured on Netflix, so, unfortunately, you won’t be finding Rick and Morty on this list … ha! I also chose to exclude anime from this list, because there are so many good titles within that genre itself that I am going to rank them separately in an upcoming post. With that being said, please enjoy the read and if you haven’t seen any of these shows, I would highly recommend them!

americna dad.gif

10. American Dad

Creator Seth MacFarlane strikes gold with American Dad, a family-based comedy, featuring an alien with a raunchy sense of humor.


  • Roger and his sassy sense of humor
  • Episodes where Steve sings… He has the voice of an angel
  • Anytime Stan hides something from Francine
  • When the family shits on Klaus
  • Hailey being a social justice warrior and Stan being uber conservative and the ensuing ideological battles

In our number 10 spot is American dad. I love how funny this show is. It’s perfect for sitting down after a long day at school or work to relax and just enjoy yourself. Also, the plots are simple and easy to understand, so they’re also good as background noise when studying.

big mouth

9. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the brain-child of comedians, Nick Kroll. Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. It’s presented as a show about tween-agers, but it is DEFINITELY not geared for them. The show focuses about a fictional adolescent Kroll and Goldberg as they navigate puberty.


  • Puberty depicted as Hormone Monsters
  • The semi-realistic plot lines
  • The awkwardness of youth

At number nine is Big Mouth. It is one of those guilty pleasure type shows since it’s kind of controversial. In fact, I will be surprised if it makes it to the second season. Not because it’s lacking for content, hilarity, or witty one-liners, but because of the semi-pornographic content it features. Specifically, there is an episode where Jessi has a *SPOILER ALERT, sorry not sorry* full blown conversation with her Vagina. While it is a good thing to educate young adults to explore their own bodies before sharing them with someone else, the depiction of an animated adolescent character’s vajayjay was off-putting. I mean this show is meant to be viewed by adults! Would I recommend the show? Yes. Would I recommend that scene? Heck NO!

fam guy

8. Family Guy

Another dysfunctional-family-gem in Seth MacFarlane’s repertoire that features a nuclear family with the addition of a bicurious, speaking baby and a not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is dog.


  • Non-linear episodes
  • Random joke cut scenes
  • Stewie cross dressing or blatantly trying to hide his bisexuality
  • Brian pretending to be a well-versed reader / esteemed author
  • Original songs

Family guy is one of those shows- that you either hate or love, and I definitely love it that’s why it’s number eight! It is full of raunchy well-timed jokes, and hilarious cut scenes. However, if you aren’t into things being totally random then this show may not be for you. Seth MacFarlane’s love of musicals definitely shows in this series with the numerous songs that the characters sing. My personal favorites are probably any of the duets between Stewie and Brian. This show is great for a late night relaxer, or for when you want to zone out.

f is fam.gif

7. F is for Family

Based off of an amalgamation of Bill Burr’s and the writing team’s life, Burr stars as Frank in this 70’s inspired family-based sitcom. It features the family’s dysfunctionality as they go through their day to day life.


  • Frank’s short temper
  • Kevin navigating his teenage years
  • Any interaction between Frank and Vic
  • Consistent scarring of the children by their parents

F is for family, is one of those adult cartoons that are strictly for adults. The vulgar language and semi-graphic sex scene (with little Bill under the bed) in the first season would definitely taint any innocent mind. The show features hilarious antics that could occur in real life and it’s the show’s realness that makes it funny.

mike tyson

6. Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries is a modern twist on an old time favorite show, Scooby-Doo!


  • Blunt jokes
  • Awkward dialogue
  • Nostalgic Scooby-Doo vibe
  • Rag-tag team of characters

I’ve only just started to watch Mike Tyson Mysteries so I don’t have as much to say about it as I would have liked, but so far I think it’s actually pretty good! It reminds me of Scooby-Doo, both in the drawing style and in the plot line. It also does not take itself seriously. The show is meant to be funny, and it definitely does its job.

————————- Yeah! You’re halfway done 🙂 


5. Futurama

A futuristic cartoon, developed by Simpson’s creator Matt Groening that features an intellectually challenged pizza delivery boy who accidentally finds himself in the year 3000.


  • Benders catchphrases
  • Fry’s unrequited love for Lela
  • Zap Brannigan as a Star Trek trope
  • The Professors many inventions
  • Musical numbers

Although it has been discontinued, Futurama is still available to watch on Netflix… or least half of it is. Sometimes only the first half of its 7 that are available to watch, sometimes it’s the second half. What I love about this show is how broad they can take the story-lines. Since it is futuristic elements like a sass-talking robot and colonization issues on mars can be things! Futurama is a great choice if you’re already into space and adventure but want to chill-ax.


4. Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Technically this show isn’t strictly for adults, but it’s still a good one to watch if you’re a lover of cartoons! The Legend of Korra is the second installment in the Avatar series. The original series was fantastic; the live-action movie directed M. Night. Shyamalan was questionable; this second installment of the series is back to being fantastic!


  • Strong female lead
  • POC are represented
  • Show has good themes and messages
  • Witty dialogue

I love that this show features a strong female lead and that she seems to be some type of POC (person of color). Yes, yes I know it’s just a television show, but any sort of POC representation is awesome in my eyes! This show is great to watch if you want to become immersed in a story, or just want to see a cool sort of alternate world.

bojack horseman gif

3. Bojack Horseman

A pessimistic show about a washed-up sitcom actor who is striving for meaning in his life whom also happens to be a complete jerk and a horse.


  • 3-dimensional characters
  • Todd’s crazy antics
  • Princess Caroline’s search for fulfillment
  • Bojack’s consistent wrongdoings
  • Dark themes
  • Mr. Peanut Butter’s ignorance about EVERYTHING

Bojack Horseman, as a show, is really good at developing its characters. Each character has a vivid backstory. This really helps the viewer to understand why each character makes the choices they do. Most of my favorite episodes are the ones that delve into Bojack’s childhood because I get to see that he wasn’t always so self-destructive and cynical. He too was once was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed foal. This show is great to pair with some wine after a crappy day because it will definitely make you feel better about your lot in life.

bobs burg.gif

2. Bob’s Burgers

Bob Belcher, his wife and his three eccentric kids try to maintain their struggling restaurant while also learning about themselves and their own passions.


  • Tina’s obsession with anything sexual
  • Louise getting revenge on people
  • Anytime Gayle (Linda’s sister) comes to visit
  • Awkward interactions between characters
  • Witty dialogue

Bob’s Burgers is a great show to watch by yourself or with the kids! That’s why it is so high up on this list; it’s very versatile! I love that you can watch this show on different levels. For example, I can sit down and have it playing in the background while I study and still be able to get the idea of the episode. Or, I can actively watch it and delight in all the witty banter and nuanced situations. I also enjoy that the voices on this show are so unique! Each character has a very expressive and unique voice and quite frankly I enjoy listening to H. Jon Benjamin as Bob!

archer lana cyril in car

1. Archer

When does Archer take place? No one knows. This hilarious action-comedy features ISIS agent Sterling Archer and his coworkers as they go on various espionage missions.


  • Witty dialogue
  • ‘Phrasing’
  • Every time Ray loses power to his legs
  • Krieger’s weird experiments
  • Lana and Archers sexual tension
  • Pam’s addiction
  • Everything Cheryl’s says
  • Malory’s lack of care
  • Lack of a time period

Surprise, surprise, in the number one spot is Archer! Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, I think Archer is arguably the best adult cartoon on Netflix because it has so much to offer viewers and it can appeal to a wide range of people. The writing for the show is incredibly witty. Every other line is a joke, ranging from modern references to world war one references. The lack of a specific time period is also highly amusing. We see things like retro black screen and green type computers, but somehow the show also features cell phones and Krieger even has technological abilities to create cyborgs. They’re able to tie all of these elements together so well that viewers barely even question it! Finally, I love the character interaction. Aside from the sexual tension between Lana and Archer, Cheryl and Pam play off of Malory and Lana because they do some really dumb shit and both Lana and Malory are not having that.  This show is great for anytime really. You can watch it as background, or you can actively appreciate the wit. If you haven’t check out Archer, please do, you’ll love it.

There you have it! Those are my top 10 adult cartoons that are on Netflix. Next time you’re looking for something to watch try one of these gems, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do! If you have any recommendations for shows I should watch, or ideas for content please comment!

Thanks for reading. ❤