They’re HERE! Or at least half of them are

Hi readers!

As some of you may know, I’m the owner of a very small business called 3 Girls & A Paint Brush. Today our business cards came in!!!!

Check them out

I created the cards using  Vistaprint. Their website is extremely user friendly and they have so many different options to choose from in terms of layout and designs. What’s awesome is it took less than a week to receive them, which is two days faster than the expected shipping date!

I’m still waiting on another shipment though because some cacophony happened and only half of my order was shipped out, but I’m not mad I don’t need them until the 20th!

The package I’m waiting on is for a bunch of personal cards I can use at networking events and such. This way, I can promote the public relations aspect of myself and hopefully find an internship or get a job! 

But,  back to 3 Girls and a Paint Brush! As I mentioned,  it’s a very small business that I started in the summer with some good girl friends of mine, hence the name, ha! And we do alot of painting!!! I mean just a tonne! 

So far we’ve done interior painting, exterior painting – yes, we paint the outsides of people’s houses- deck staining, fence staining, and furniture refinishing. We can paint garage doors, normal doors, walls, ceilings, trim, cabinets and columns; we try to do it all! 

Thanks for reading guys! ❤