Top 10 Shows on Netflix Every Twenty-Something Should Watch

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This list features shows that are both newer and older, animated and live action. What they have in common is that they are awesome shows that are available on Canadian Netflix that every twenty-something should watch! Why should every twenty something watch these shows you say? Well it’s because most of them are thought provoking, emotionally stimulating, genuinely well written works of art and the others .. well the others are great for having a laugh and de-stressing from all the troubles of young adult life.

1.Black Mirror

black mirror AR

Black Mirror is one of my personal favorite shows on Netflix, and they just released season 4! It’s a British science fiction series that examines the ways in which modern society could become corrupted in various ways by our pervasive use of technology.  The series touches on mind control, the validity of ‘likes’, augmented reality and memory chips, among many other things. If you can, definitely watch the episodes ‘The Entire History of You’, ‘Nosedive’ and ‘Play Test’, here’s the trailer for the third season.

2. Archer

archer bwack

Don’t be fooled! This animated show is definitely not for children. Archer is a dangerously funny, animated spy show about a dry-humored, alcoholic, womanizing spy named Archer, and his colleagues. It follows them as they go on various missions given to them by his mother, Malory, the owner of Isis. The hilarity ensues from the dynamics between the various characters as well as from the fact that no one seems to be able to put a year on when the show takes place. With references to the KGB, old-school personal computers, modern cell phones, and Kenny Rogers, Archer seems to take place at all points in time at once! Be sure to watch episodes ‘Swiss Miss’, ‘Lo Scandalo and ‘Pocket Listing’. Check out some of Archer’s best of clips.

3. Stranger Things

stranger things

If your a fan of 80’s science fiction- horror, say no more fam’ Stranger Things has got you! Stranger things follows a band of misfit boys, as they search for their friend, Will, who has mysteriously disappeared. Along the way they meet up with a psychokinetic girl who comes to be named Eleven. This show is full of supernatural occurrences, as well young love, and mystery which is why it’s a top pick! Check out the trailer for the first season of Stranger Things.

4. Atypical

atypical smile

Atypical is a coming of age story about teenager, Sam Gardner, who happens to be on the autism spectrum. The show is hilarious as it follows Sam and his friends and families as  his attempts to find a girlfriend. This show did stir up a bit of controversy though because the actor who plays Sam isn’t himself on the autism spectrum. However, this show does help to educate viewers about how autism spectrum disorder can appear in people and the challenges they can face in their romantic life. Check out the trailer for Atypical.

5. Bojack Horseman

bojack hm 2

This is the second animated show on our list as of yet, so if you haven’t noticed I do enjoy watching cartoons…. but again this one is not for children! Bojack Horseman is a dark-comedy that follows a washed up sitcom star Bojack and his incredibly bleak look on life. Bojack is a complicated character, but ultimately is a pretty shitty person … human-horse? Horse-human? Whatever.  Overall, the show is quite captivating because it’s got some realistic elements to it (hybrid animal people not being one of them) and  there isn’t always a happy ending. Check out some of Bojack Horseman’s best of highlights!

6. Chewing Gum

CG 1

Awkward black girl alert over here! Chewing gum is a hilarious British show that focalizes on Tracy (show above) and her quest to lose her virginity. This show has so many awkward moments that will make you cringe, but in a very, very good way. Tracy and her ragtag group of friends live in a social housing  complex and while pretty much all of them have lost their V-cards, Tracy has not, which is probably due to the intensely religious household she lives in, or maybe it’s because her boyfriend is gay? I mean, who knows right? anyway, if you feel like watching something from across the pond, and having a good laugh, check out Chewing Gum.

7. Master of None

master of none 2

Master of None follows Aziz Ansari, as Dev Shah a 30-year-old actor, as he goes through his day to day life. It focuses on his romantic and professional life as well his  cultural experience of being south-east Asian in America. Currently there are two season on Netflix, with the first season consisting of stand alone episodes and the second having more of through-line narrative. Here are some cool clips from the first season of Master of None.

8. The Office

the office 2

Based on a BBC show by the same name, The Office is a hilarious mock-umentary style show that film employees at a paper company as they work. Steve Carell, as Michael Scott, gives the performance of his life as the bumbling, socially awkward office manager and is hilarious as he educates his employees on topics like sexual assault and cultural insensitivity among other things. This show will keep you laughing all day and all night. Even though I’m sure almost everyone has seen this show before, check out this trailer if you haven’t!

9. 13 Reasons

13 reasons

13 reasons is everything that is right with TV. Though it’s been bashed for it’s portrayal of teenage suicide, 13 Reasons starts a conversation that we really all should be having; how does bullying impact an already depressed individual? This show will make you rethink all of your high school interactions. Check out this super interesting show here!

10. The 100

the 100

 The 100 is a YA show that follows the life of 100 juvenile prisons once they’ve been sent down to Earth. The Earth for the last 97, has been uninhabited by humans due to a nuclear war that occurred, instead humans have been living on the Ark, a giant space station. The Ark as a means for survival is starting to fail and hence, the 100 are test dummies meant to find out whether the Earth is now livable. What occurs when the 100 hits the ground is intriguing. The Earth isn’t a barren waste-land as they’ve been told, instead there are vast complex societies of people called the grounders. If you want to learn  more about The 100, check out this trailer for season one.


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