Designing a Pamphlet

As part of the public relations program at St. Clair College, we are required to take a graphic design course. Currently I’m working on creating a pamphlet for an assignment.

The purpose of the assignment is to try to incorporate the design elements we’ve learned into one cohesive project.

So with that said, here is what I designed! It’s a three-leaf pamphlet promoting one of my favorite shows, Black Mirror.

black mirror pamphlet 1

(left to right: Second lanel, Back panel, Front panel) 

black mirror pamphlet 2

(left to right: Inside left panel, Inside middle panel,  Inside right panel) 

Before we get into criticism, let me explain a little about the design!


I went with a very simple three color design (red, white and black) so that the pamphlet didn’t look cluttered or overly stimulating. Black and white are very much linked to Black Mirror, because the show itself contrasts the the incredible innovations of technology with human’s dark nature to pervert it. I decided to go with red as the third color because it’s representative of passion. I thought this bode well because it is a show that highlights human’s passion for technology. The red color also matches the Netflix logo really well, so ….yeah!

Font Face

I went with three different fonts, to keep it nice and simple. For the heading I used Chiller, because the shows kind of creepy, and the font is kind of creepy and for the body I used Berlin Sans. The only other font I used was Century Gothic to write Netflix because it looked very similar to the font Netflix uses for their logo.


Finally, I added coloured boxes to help break up the text and make it pop off of the page and I placed some circles on the middle panel to draw the eye towards the middle of the page.

What do yo guys think about the pamphlet? Let me know your thoughts, I’d love some constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading!<3