Average is the new Plus Size

As I idly scrolled through my Facebook feed, as I do every night while my little one gets ready for bed, I stumbled upon an article on Revelist that made me a bit emotional. I’ll attach it so that you can read it too.

10 Plus Size Celebrities from the 90s and 2000s

This article lists ten different celebrities from the 90s and early 2000s who were, at the time, considered plus sized but in all actuality were slim to average size. The article notes that the standards in Hollywood have gotten better because they are featuring bigger women, such as Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy, on the silver screen in leading roles.

If you’ve read my previous article on body image, you’ll probably understand why things of this nature strike a nerve in me. So even though this article is a positive one, it still had me tearing up thinking about what these Hollywood actresses have to go through.

I mean, I thought teenage girls had it hard! And that’s not to discount the constant assault from all forms of media on a growing girls psyche, but can you imagine haing your body judged and berated everyday of your adult life as well?

To me, that’s what it seems like life is like for female celebrities. And yes, you can say that it’s all part of their job and that they should be used to it. Or, if they can’t get used to it then they should find a new job … and blah, blah, blah. But is that really fair to ask of someone? I don’t think it is.

Imagine that your whole life you aspire to be a performer. Let’s say you have the natural talent, charisma and memory that ought to generate a succeful career. But, your body isn’t ideal. It’s less than societies idea of perfection.

Let’s say you’re a woman, and you’re not conventionally beautiful. You don’t have the large chest and voluptuous butt like the Kardashian’s, or the symetrical face of Victoria’s Secret Angel, or the waistline of a dancer. But you have talent and you’re driven, and you’re a hardworker. Why can’t you have a sucessful career?

In any other career, aside from the ones that suffer from problematic body ideals, you could be very successful. But in Hollywood your chances are slim to none. That, to me, says something.

Thanks for reading my rant.<3