Designing a Little Something

Hi readers!

This isn’t going to be as much of a reading post, as it is a call for advice and constructive criticism, so sorry in advance!

As you know, I’m enrolled in a public relations program. As part of our training, we’re required to take a Graphic Design class, and it’s awesome!

We’re instructed on Adobe Photoshop and InDesign and while both programs are super cool, they’re also kind of hard… or at least they are for me. I must say, Photoshop is way more user-friendly than InDesign, but still HARD. I don’t know how anyone ever masters that damned program, but regardless of that, here are some business cards I produced in InDesign!

Please let me know what you think!!!! 🙂

sample 1
Sample 1.


sample 2
Sample 2.


Thanks for stopping by!<3