A Feast For All!

snapd at the HT

On December 14th, St. Clair College’s Public Relations Club came together with The Harvest Table to throw a FREE traditional Christmas dinner for the international students who attend the downtown campuses.

While St. Clair College typically throws an annual Christmas dinner for the international students at the main campus, they do not provide any sort of transportation for students who attend the two downtown campuses, which are located nearly 20 minutes away. This year,  the Public Relations Club decided to change that and throw an event that specifically catered to those students who are typically left out.

Transit Windsor generously donated their services for the evening and picked up roughly 40 students from St. Clair Centre of the Arts and drove them to the Harvest Table located at 2109, Ottawa street.

The decor that awaited them was like something out of a Christmas tale.


And the food was like something out of Rachel Ray cookbook!

Tons of pie courtesy of the Harvest Table.

The event went on without a hitch! The PR Club members and I acted as servers, and hosts for our international guests and the harvest table kept pumping out the food, and even had Santa stop by for a visit!_MG_0841 What was really cool -or at least cool to me- was the amount of media coverage that the event garnered. Media outreach was something that I was personally responsible for, along with my colleagues Teri, and our Event Coordinator/ Fundraising Director Chelsea (Click to check out Chelsea’s blog!). Based on the press releases that we wrote and sent out the week before, we were able to get CTV, Snapd, AM 800, Converged Citizen and Saint Scene Magazine to come out to the event.

PR Club President, Glen Bacarro being interviewed by AM 800 journalist.
Myself chatting with CTV journalist.
Scene & Converged Citizen journalist, Noah G. interviews a student.
CTV journalist shoots footage of The Harvest Table.

Here is the link to our article on the Saint Scene

Here are a more photos that were taken at the event by Noah G.

Here is the link to our feature on Snapd Windsor.

And here is the link to our short feature on CTV News!

All in all, the event was amazing and the practical experience I got from doing media outreach was awesome. Thank you for reading.<3