A Muse for Autumn

a boy beholds natureAs you may now know, photography has become a bit of a hobby of mine and like any good artist, I found a muse to inspire me… my son!

This photo series is called About a Boy. It features my little one as he goes about his day to day activities. However, he will never be captured head on. Rather than photographing him specifically, I want to capture the day to day living of what could be any boy growing up in the Western World.

Here’s my first collection of photos: A boy in Autumn Reeds

P.s. Any feedback or constructive criticism is most welcomed, thanks for reading! ❤

a boy beholds nature
A boy beholds nature.
a boy walkd among reeds
A boy looks into reeds.
a boy holds a stalk
A boy walks along a rubble path.
a boy walks down a path
On a grassy path a boy walks, stalk in hand.
a boy behind reeds
A boy stands behind foliage.
a boy goes down the stairs
A boy descends into the foliage.
a boy from dark to light
A boy goes from the darkness into the light.