Networking in London

Hi readers!

Just wanted to give you the inside scoop on the two Public Relation firms, Northern Commerce and Sagecomm, I visited in London, ON, with St.Clair’s Public Relation club.


So the first firm I visited was Northern Commerce.They specialize in creating E-commerce websites for their clients and then doing the marketing and PR for those same clients.

Can I tell you how cool their office was? It was incredible! Pretty much all of the decor was white, or red, which are what I assume to be their company colours and there was a hipstery-vibe in the loft-esque space.

Mounted faux Canadian animal head decor.

Anyways, fangirling aside, the PR club and I were hosted by Chris and he gave us a presentation of the company. Northern is a relatively new company but is making a huge impact in the world of e-commerce. There are over 50 staff members most of which are under 35 and they are actively hiring more people!

During the presentation, we also got to hear from two other employees, about their roles at Northern how they landed their jobs and their general thoughts about Northern.23795311_10159546771360133_4051490888375646555_n

Once the presentation was done, we toured the company, chatted with some of the employees about the industry and added our new friends to Linked In because why not?

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Some cool things I learned about Northern Commerce:

  1. The company was actually two separate companies (until recently) and both were started by university students in their parent’s homes.
  2. There is a massage therapist that comes in weekly to massage employees.
  3. Email marketing strategist is a real job title, and it’s super cool!
  4.  They take interns three times a year, every year.
  5. They are currently hiring!

If you’re interested in applying to Northern Commerce, or want to lean more about them visit their website by clicking here.


The second firm I went to with the club was Sagecomm.

Sagecomm was located down the street from Northern Commerce, but the two firms couldn’t have been more different. Sagecomm was founded by Jeff and Lindsay Sage nearly ten years ago. They have a pretty wide array of talents, but while I was visiting they were working on a crisis communication project.

Can I tell you how interesting I am in crisis communications? I am super interested in crisis communications! I sometimes like to think of myself as an Olivia Pope in the making — Shout out to Scandal, ha!

olivia pope.gif

Anyway….enough wishful thinking. Sagecomm had about ten employees and had a very mellow, hipster vibe. The decor, which I, unfortunately, forgot to snap pictures of, reminded me of something out a coffee lounge; cool, modern, strategic pops of color and jazzy.  There was even a furbaby present! An adorable golden-doodle (I think) named Rigby!

The entire staff participated in leading our group first on a tour of the office and then for a question and answer period followed by a brainstorming session.

My favorite part was the brainstorming session. We were given minimal information about a problem and had to come up with as many answers as we could to the problem in only two minutes!

Brainstorming session at Sagecomm.

But the question and answer period was extremely useful as well. We learned about the different kinds of PR environments, be it high paced, or low key; as well as how important it was to make meaningful connections with people in the industry you plan to work in.

We ended the visit with a bunch of pictures, and cementing our new found friendships on social media — if you’re not friends online, does it really even count?

Half of St. Clair’s PR Club posing at Sagecomm.

Some cool things I learned about Sagecomm was:

  1. Stand up desks are a thing, and they’re amazing.
  2. It’s all about who knows you, not just who you know.
  3. When brainstorming, set a time limit. it makes you way for efficient!
  4. You need to try out all different sorts of PR before you realize what you love.
  5. They take interns!!!

If you’re interested in applying to Sagecomm or want to learn more about them visit their website by clicking here!

Thanks for reading.<3